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Denika aspires in the future to be an attorney that advocates for women and children. I seek to also eventually have two successful non-profits in health, wellness and survival and the other focused around re-educating our people of colour on intimacy, love and sex.


I feel that my biggest achievement thus far was the birth of my daughter and raising her to be such an amazing human despite all of my medical challenges. Caribbean Curvy Strong is another achievement which I am extremely proud of and we are still a work in progress. Lastly the feminine hygiene product drive that we do once a year to give back to females on the street is probably the best thing I could have ever started. The number of females that we serve is heartbreaking and humbling at the same time.

I love to cook, being in my kitchen relaxes me more than anything else. Being able to create and when I do my cooking videos help others create healthy choices keeps me happy. I also love to curl up anywhere with a good book and while John Grisham is my favourite author, I will read anything I can get my hands on. My role models are Ghandi and Mother Teresa, I really want to be the change I see in the world and help others thrive.

This girl makes everyday purposeful, tha
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