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In honor of Endometriosis Month (March)..... Pain and life

Pain and Endometriosis go hand in hand, stage level doesn't really matter. I was diagnosed at age 12 and I have now been alive for 42 years, 30 of those have been spent with this disease. I have been in pain for that amount of time and I am still managing one day at a time. This fight isnt easy, and there are days that I can't get out of bed as it hurts to move and then other times I just want to escape the pain.

Now however I have learned that I will not allow the Endo to rule me but I will stand and fight and live to the fullest despite all of the obstacles. I have created this space and this website to inspire other women and girls. My hope is that we can continue this journey together and learn from each other but also cheer each other on. More on my story later, hope to meet you all in the comments.

Just remember every day is a new day!


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